Creative Developers Summit 2020

Two-day virtual developer summit (June 4–5)

The Creative Developers Summit has been the go-to conference for the past half-dozen years for developers creating software for Adobe Creative Cloud applications. This year, sessions will all be online for obvious reasons.

Registration includes all sessions on both days, and it’s only $95 this year, a huge discount from previous years. Because everything is online, we’re going to have speakers prerecord their sessions so you can watch them at your leisure, and then have a fixed online time for each sessions’s Q&A, where the speakers will be there to answer your questions via Zoom.

Sign up here:

We’ll have some great speakers including Davide Barranca, Mike Zahorik, James Lockman, Kris Coppieters and others. Full info will be mailed to you in a few days.

If you would like to be a speaker at summit, and have some interesting topic you’d like to speak about, here’s your chance: send us a brief outline of a presentation you’d like to add to the summit. Send your proposal to [email protected]!

Note that this Summit is complementary to, not competing with, the upcoming “Adobe Creative Cloud Digital Partner Days 2020” which are happening on June 23 and 24:

The Creative Developers Summit is (mostly) about developers talking to developers, and won’t overlap in content with Adobe’s June event.

Hope to “see” you soon!