JSXGetURL Sponsorships

UPDATE: Feb 12, 2024. This page is outdated, and JSXGetURL 1.x.x has now been released. Visit


Note: 23-Jan-2023: the sponsorship approach did not work, and JSXGetURL now uses an activation system.

Also see


Note: If you are using version 0.0.7 or below, it will have stopped working by now because it was time bombed on December 31 of last year. You will have to update to version 0.0.9 (see link below).

JSXGetURL has been updated – I now have an M1 version available, but only for Github sponsors.

JSXGetURL adds basic http/https/ftp functionality to all Adobe apps that support ExtendScript – this includes InDesign, InDesign Server, Photoshop, Illustrator…

More info: https://coppieters.nz/?p=720

There is nothing to install, no admin privileges needed. You just need to add a folder with a few .jsx files to your ExtendScript project, and you can simply write ExtendScript like:

#include "JSXGetURL/JSXGetURLLoader.jsx"

var getURL = JSXGetURL();

var s = getURL.get("https://www.rorohiko.com");


and this works in InDesign Server, ExtendScript Toolkit, Bridge, InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator or whatever else supports ExtendScript, and it works both on Mac and Windows. And it’s very fast because it’s all compiled C/C++ code.

Note 23-Jan-2023: The sponsorship approach I tried in 2022 did not work, so I decided to change the strategy. The plan is that from June 2023 onwards, JSXGetURL will be subject to a subscription fee.

The link below gives you access to a fully functional version 0.0.9. It is time-bombed to stop working at 30-Jun-2023.

If all goes well, the subsequent updated version will be available for a subscription fee.