Mapping out Adobe Creative Cloud apps. Core file paths, app specifiers…

Things like: indesign-15.064 but also photoshop-140.064 and premierepro-14.0. App specifiers as might be needed when debugging with VSCode are not very regular.

Note: appMap.json looks like JSON but it ain’t JSON. It’s JSON++ aka JSON-with-comments, which is not proper JSON. The Sparker app used in CEPSparker and JSXSparker can handle JSON++

The appMap.json file is somewhat readable and contains information that could be valuable for other scripters. Note: when clicking the following link, you might see error messages about invalid JSON. That’s a side-effect of JSON++.

JSXSparker is shaping up – it now handles download-to-running-hello-world-in-2-minutes for Bridge, InCopy, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro.

To support Premiere Pro, JSXSparker now comes with a rudimentary script runner panel, in order to extend the Premiere Pro UI with a means to run scripts.

appMap.json is part of the included starter template configurations.

appMap.json is the ‘roadmap’ to where various Adobe apps keep their stuff.

Amongst other things, it documents what I found out about app specifiers, which are quite ‘irregular’.

appMap.json feeds JSXSparker (and CEPSparker) but it also serves as my ongoing documentation/roadmap into the innards of the Adobe Creative cloud apps