JSXGetURL 2024 Update


I’ve just rolled out JSXGetURL 1.x.x; it’s now stepping into the commercial arena.

JSXGetURL enhances ExtendScript to make it easy to access servers using httphttps, sftp… – e.g. to download assets from a remote server, straight from ExtendScript.

There is nothing to install – all you need to do is add a single //@include line to your script.

You can get more info and download JSXGetURL from the Rorohiko web site:


JSXGetURL works with any Adobe Creative Cloud application that has ExtendScript support – InDesign, InDesign Server, InCopy, Illustrator, Photoshop…

You can obtain individual JSXGetURL seats for US$49/year.

To purchase and activate, you need to use the License Manager which is included in the Helpers subfolder.

Create an account by clicking the New button, lower right-hand corner, and choose an unlock code.

Register the account, then use the Store window to access the JSXGetURL catalog entry.

Save and then email a purchase order to [email protected].

Payments are not handled automatically yet – you need to manually send the amount by way of PayPal, to recipient [email protected].

If you get stuck, please reach out to [email protected] or [email protected]!