Tightener is our answer to a growing gap in automating Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

Remember the days when scripting Adobe apps didn’t require a CS degree? When people with a passion for printing, photography, or design could just jump in and start scripting? Those days seem far gone with the advent of UXP and UXPScript.

That’s where Tightener steps in. We’re gradually winding back the clock, making scripting approachable again, especially for those who have the domain knowledge and the know-how but don’t feel compelled to get a degree in computer science as well.

Tightener is a toolbox for developers, easing everything from script writing to monetization, from inter-app communication to usage tracking. It’s a diverse platform, and we’re just scratching the surface.

And for small developers and not-for-profit: Tightener is free for you! We’re all about empowering small developers, handling the nitty-gritty of activations and metrics, so you can focus on what you do best.

The goal is to make other small developers successful and let Tightener rise along with them.

This release marks the debut of the licensing/activation module in the Tightener toolkit.

It’s fresh off the press and in a ‘stable alpha’ state. Yes, there are a few rough edges, but it’s ready for action.

I have integrated Tightener’s activation/licensing logic into JSXGetURL. From 2024 onwards, JSXGetURL will be a commercial product:


Note 12-Feb-2024: the next in line is Creative Developer Tools:


Why am I using JSXGetURL for the debut of Tightener? JSXGetURL is the perfect test bed – a modest user base, all fellow developers.

In the coming months, I’ll be converting some more of the commercial Rorohiko tools and scripts to incorporate the Tightener activation/licensing system.

I invite you to take JSXGetURL for a spin. Without activation, it starts in demo mode, so you can explore without cost.

If you hit a snag or have suggestions, drop me a line.

Curious about Tightener? More (currently somewhat outdated) info on github:


In the coming months I’ll be updating and expanding the wiki, writing a lot of new and updated documentation here – for example, how to use the licensing/activation features in your own scripts.