ExtendExtendScript/GetURL Bug Fix

Note 1-Nov-2020: Make sure to check out my novel approach to GetURL: making curl available in ExtendScript. Not just for InDesign – any Adobe app that supports ExtendScript can use this. More info here:


Quick note: someone actually tried using the new GetURL to fetch a JPEG file over https from ExtendScript, and noticed that file was corrupted. This due to a bug in node_modules/GetURL/index.js. Around line 105 a line is missing:

 protocol.get(parsedURL, function(response) { protocol.get(parsedURL, function(response) {
 response.setEncoding('binary'); // <<< THIS IS MISSING
 function checkForCompletion() {

I’ve updated the downloadable material. Updated version is at the same location:


More info in the original post:

GetURL for InDesign, Revisited (now with https)