ExtendExtendScript and macOS Catalina

At the moment, the ‘canned’ ExtendExtendScript installer is not compatible with macOS Catalina (installer is 32 bit) and the source code comes with a manifest that ends with InDesign 13.x (CC 2018).

Recently, I’ve received a request for a macOS Catalina-compatible installer, but I am wondering whether I should put in the effort to update the ExtendExtendScript installer to 64-bit and cover InDesign CC 2019 and InDesign 2020.

The issue is that I have no ‘feel’ for how useful or popular this installer is. As a one-man band I need to judiciously divide my time between income-earning and free projects, and I want to avoid putting a lot of unpaid time and effort into a project that no one is interested in.

Easiest is to leave the thing as-is: the source code provided in an earlier post is sufficient to make this work for yourself on macOS Catalina and with InDesign 2020, but it’s not straightforward and would take some effort. (https://coppieters.nz/?p=133)

So, email me some feedback (kris at coppieters.nz or kris at rorohiko.com), and let me know if you’re using the ExtendExtendScript installer and whether you need or want it for macOS Catalina or InDesign CC 2019/InDesign 2020

If there is sufficient interest, I’ll try to put in some time in the coming months.