JSXGetURL 0.1.0

Note 12-Feb-2024: This post is outdated. Read about the latest JSXGetURL here:


JSXGetURL enhances ExtendScript to make it easy to access servers using http, https, sftp… – e.g. to download assets from a remote server.

JSXGetURL is meant to work with any Adobe Creative Cloud application that has ExtendScript support – InDesign, InDesign Server, InCopy, Illustrator, Photoshop…

JSXGetURL is implemented as an ExtendScript DLL/framework, written in C/C++.

This DLL allows you to access URLs (including https: or ftp:) straight from ExtendScript.

There is nothing to install – all you need to do is //@include a .jsx file which then loads the DLL.

Sample code:

//@include "JSXGetURL/JSXGetURLLoader.jsx"
var getURL = JSXGetURL();

getURL.addRequestHeader("Accept: */*");
var s = getURL.get("https://www.rorohiko.com") + "";


var headers = getURL.getResponseHeaders();

// Some random FTP file for testing

var f = new File("~/Desktop/sha512.sum");
var s = getURL.get("ftp://cygwin.com/pub/gcc/sha512.sum", f.fsName);

// Some zip file to test binary file download

var f = new File("~/Desktop/FrameReporter.1.1.8.zip");
getURL.get("https://www.rorohiko.com/downloads/FrameReporter.1.1.8.zip", f.fsName);

The previous 0.0.9 version was time-bombed for June 30, 2023 – which is 6 days from now, as of this writing.

Version 0.1.0 runs until Dec 31, 2023 and can be downloaded here:


I am still working on the licensing functionality in Tightener, which will ultimately be used to elevate JSXGetURL to a commercial product.

No firm decisions have been made yet, but come 2024, the licensing model for JSXGetURL will probably be a yearly recurring per-workstation fee, somewhere around US$30.

JSXGetURL versions for InDesign Server will be a fair bit more expensive.

Unlimited licenses will probably also be available, based on some yearly fee of a low multiple of US$1000.

All of this is still very much undecided – more later!

3 thoughts on “JSXGetURL 0.1.0”

  1. Now we are near the end of the year. Will there be a new release of this package? And how does the pricing looks`?

    1. I am getting ready to release a new version which will use the new licensing features of Tightener. That way, I can start charging some money for my work, and recuperate something to make up for time and effort.

      I envision that the price will be a recurring yearly subscription of US$49/seat for desktop versions, and something like US$949/server for server licenses (InDesign Server)

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