365 Pictures – A Year’s Worth

During 2014 (more precisely, from 30 December 2013 till 29 December 2014) I did a ‘365’ – i.e. made at least one photo each day. This is mainly an exercise to get better at photography.

It was hard at times. A fair number of the photos are what I call ‘desperation photos’. Like, it’s 5 to midnight, and I haven’t taken my photo yet, so I’d grab anything and make a picture. Hence, you’ll find pictures of bookshelves, bathroom cabinets, ukuleles… Also, most of the pictures are from around Plimmerton.

I do feel the experience as a whole improved my technique – I can recommend the exercise! The picture below is actually a slide show from Flickr; you can click on the left or right side of the image to go backwards and forwards.

It starts and ends with the same landscape shot, taken 365 days apart.

On 30 December 2013:

On 29 December 2014:

Here’s the complete 365 on Flickr:


Normally, you will not see all 365 pictures: I restricted viewing of the family pictures in the set to only ‘Family & Friends’.

Unless you register yourself on https://www.flickr.com and then request to be listed in my group of ‘Friends an Family’, you’ll see slightly less than 365 pictures…